13 Feb 2012

Don't let the pink walls fool you

Our bathroom deserves a post.
It is one of the most fascinating parts of this apartment, so full of funny/scary stuff that it is worth a small tour to check out what our landlord is keeping in here (I know I should say landlady because she is a woman but it feels more cool to have a landlord)

Let's start taking a look at the walls, there are many paintings and photos hanging from them, but these are by far my favorites.

Seriously, I don’t know whether to laugh or to call the Child Protection Department...

There is also a thousand years old radio (which I am too afraid to try it out) that gives a hipster feel to the bathroom.

And the mandatory tile that went wrong.

The last thing I want to show you is our shower killing system (also known in Italy as water heating system). To be able shower with warm water, you have to plan it well in advance, there is need to put on this (1) and turn this (2) clockwise, at least 3 hours before taking the shower.

Don't let the pink walls fool you, this is a dangerous place to be:
Someone had the great idea of putting a plug on the shower wall (where the water heating system is connected). Nice touch!

I love to feel the adrenaline while we take a shower, thinking that a drop might go to the plug, very exiting.


  1. Tia, es molt VINATGE tot plegat!
    I el "rosa palo/ salomon caducado" queda molt maco. Com a minim han tingut bon gust i "harmonitza" amb les rajoles :)

    Osties, que quejicas!!! Pero si feu ESPORTS D'AVENTURA de gratis! Com sou... aquest nordics.... ;)

    Petonarros! (OMG! Si arribem a venir a fer-vos la visita, espero no quedar-me mes de tres dies... sense haver de dutxar-me, es clar!!!! jiijiijjiiii Rollo hippy...)

  2. Having fun with the vintage radio! I love it!


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