15 Feb 2012

Challenge accepted: fabrics!

The guys from muymolon.com, a Spanish blog I have been following lately, came up with the great idea of having a creative monthly challenge.
They will propose a theme every month and people can send their crafty projects related to that theme, all the ideas will be collected and the most original ones will be shown at the end of the month.

I (of course) decided to have a go at it, not only because I think it is a nice excuse to do something creative but also because this months' theme is "fabrics".... and fabrics make me so happy!

Here it comes, idea number one: Jar candles 

I made this ones for our wedding with some fabric stripes that where left from making the table runners and fabric garlands. 
It is very easy and cheap to make, specially if you need many and your budget is not so big.

from here
Here are the ingredients:
- Stripes of fabrics.
- Glass jars
- A good pair of zig-zag scissors
- Glue in spray
- Beach sand
- Candles

1. Get some recycled glass jars (I had my mom collecting them for half a year )
2. Clean and dry the jars (or ask nicely to your mom to do so).
3. Cut 2 fabric stripes, one thick and one thin, large enough so that you can wrap the jar with it.

4. Spray the ends of the fabric pieces with the glue and attach it around the jar.  

5. Take the thinner fabric stripe and tie a nice bow around the jar.
 6. Fill it with sand and put the candle in the middle.

They ended up looking very nice together with the table runners and the rest of decoration.
As you can see it was not one of those fancy weddings... but we had so much fun!

If fabrics also make you happy, I encourage you to send your ideas here.

P.S. Our wedding pics where taken by the best photographer ever: Mireia Cordomí, check out her blog!


  1. Llegue hasta el link de las fotos del casamiento porque me encantaron las otras pocas q habia visto! Muy colorido y alegre! Me encanto!

  2. Gracias Ana!
    La verdad que llevó un montón de trabajo pero al final valió la pena :-)


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